Monday, December 20, 2010

selling our patience for perfection

patience is something that has been very valuable to us these past few weeks. perfection is perceptual, and to us, it means selling our patience for it to fully portray our creative ideas that we have slowly conjured in our minds for melou. unfortunate events impeding our launch date is the culprit to our delay. yet, with our meticulous personalities and our knack for hard work, we say screw the launch date, we're not settling or compromising our ideas for a quick buck. we admit, the path has not been a delighted road with candy cane trees, fluffy marshmallow clouds and gum drop flowers guiding our way. rather, it has been a tough journey constantly thinking of ways to jump over hurdles and work through obstacles. 

 watching our work grow from the inception of the idea to the tangible building blocks is a rewarding and self gratifying experience. with that said, we will continue to sell our patience until we have fully built the store we believe is perfect. meanwhile, here is a sneak peak of whats to come in the near future. 


  1. The laceup boots in the first picture are absolutely amazing! Gorgeous looks!

  2. Great looks! Love the coat in the first look.

  3. ummm hello! your cut off shorts are amaze! ordering a black pair and posting them up on my blog asap!