Sunday, July 11, 2010

just cant live without you...

crop tops, mid riffs, cutoff tops, whatever you prefer to name it, we love.

even though recently, it was greatly adored in the runways of spring 09 for women. we believe it just never loses its touch of simplicity and personal freedom.

master of crop tops in the 90s, calvin klein is now bringing back the flavor of the crop top back to the men in his spring '11 collection.


ah, masculinity at its finest.

sincerely, louise & melissa

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mother and daughter effect

madonna has always been the one to entertain us with her cones, bows, laced gloves, and virgin wedding dresses.

now she will be sharing her amazing fashion with the rest of us. madonna and daughter, lourdes will be starting a new line, material girl, to do just that.

living in a material world, louise & melissa


get to know us
"winner of the 2009 weblog award for best microblog"

thought this was quite and interesting site. as you see, conciseness is the key to be able to share your life story in one sentence.

here goes our attempt:

“doing our best to make our mark in this lustrous industry of fashion, starting with putting our passion ahead and creating an establishment full of pieces to appeal to our audience of eccentrics, ordinaries, hippies, the high class, the low class and those in between.”

sincerely, louise & melissa

ready, set.

there's nothing better than to start a blog with a little inspiration.

sincerely, louise & melissa